On Sunday there will be a duel between the last hope G2 and Gen.G. But what options do caps and co. Have?

In the past, Blendend has usually met against Korean teams. Now there will be a new meeting between LEC and LCK in the quarter-finals of Worlds 2020 in Shanghai.

But even if the individual strength of G2 is contested, the team is not as strong this year as in 2019, when the runner-up world championship jumped out in the end. Too many risky actions and inconsistencies are the problems of the players of the German coach Fabian " GrabbZ " Lohmann.

On the other hand, Gen.G is not an unbeatable opponent either. Although the team from Korea finished the group stage first – but also because many other lineups are not all part of their game. But when the last game against Fnatic, where the Koreans Rekkles and his men didn't lose any chances, they lost. Park " ruler " Jae-hyuk as ADC and Kim " Clid " Tae-min (ex-T1 player) in the <a data glossary link data content = & # 39;

League of Legends

Jungle / Jungle

In the League of Legends, the entirety between the lanes is called jungle or jungle. It is criss-crossed with grass, trees and rocks. Through the fog of war, the view is where it is needed. In the jungle there is a right of monsters that spawn in real camps. These monsters are neutral and belong to any faction, but they fight back to become theirs. If you defeat them you can get buffs, gold and experience.

& # 39; class = "wpg-linkify" href = "https://www.esports.com/de/glossary/dschungel-jungle"> Jungle out

Sunday will be the most important go to the first matches. When G2 gets going, Gen.G will have a hard time. If G2 likes too much space for the LCK team, if Herrscher and Clid, who is able to shine thanks to the new meta, can set the scene, the European Worlds fairy tale can be quick.

The match starts on Sunday at 12:00 noon German time. Here it is heard: English and German .

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