The Spanish Vodafone Giants group has completed its last round of financing to raise EUR 3 million.

The funding comes exclusively from the José Antonio Sánchez Cózar Group.

Cózar joins the current shareholders Gabriel Saenz de Buruaga, Alejandro Beltrano, Luis, at Ferrandiz and Lolito Fernández in the new company headquarters in Malaga and to grow worldwide and "create new goods".

Throughout 2020, the Spanish company worked with Chupa Chups, Font Vella, the sportswear giant, and Sevilla FC Football Club.

José Ramón Díaz, CEO of Vodafone Giants, spoke about investing in the publication: & # 39; Completing the top round of our Spanish esports club has strengthened the health of our company. The integration and trust of a significant partner confirm the progress Giants has made over the past year. The national esports industry continues to be driven and continues to grow as an entertainment company. "

" On the one hand, this is a unique opportunity to join the best possible partners in a sector with high growth and performance potential. Cózar comments on the decision to invest in the organization. This is also a strategic step towards our work in the field of technical education.

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