The fourteenth agent is already longing for the VALORANT games. New leaks for Agent "Stealth" have now been changed.

In the latest leak on the new agent you can find the correct one for the new addition. "Yoru", as the newcomer is supposed to hear, is heard by the agent teased by Riot.

A user on Reddit has the following permissions:

  • Z ⁠ – Stepping Struggled.
  • X ⁠ – A flash that is surface-managed upon touch.
  • C Platz – Places a portal. This can also be done at personal distance and undertert. Repeated use teleports the player through the portal.
  • Q (Ultimate) Y— Yoru briefly becomes invisible and invulnerable, his steps cannot still be heard.

How important in the case of leaks is this information to be included with caution. If you refer yourself to a the last blog post from Riot in the following another duelist for Lurker was promised for 2021, the leaks became to belong to the earlier information.

No later than January 12th

Original message from December 17th:
The characters are concentrated on another VALORANT agent. On the other media side of the game, riot nun has added wallpapers with a mysterious shadow.


Riot Games last indicated in a blog post another duelist as a new character and explicitly addressed all Lurkers in the game. Old message:

The discovery was already in full swing through the round on Twitter and the speculative leadership. . The new agent was number 14 for VALORANT .com / cLDdXSPITQ

– Cynprel // VALORANT Lore // art (@valorant_lore) December 11, 2020

Aufruhr itself has not yet given any information about the wallpaper, but the kitchen is seething. A Dataminer rights to have found the code name "Stealth" in connection with the new agent, recommending several other players footprints on the Icebox card.

The information found before lets the imagination run wild. Some have a samurai for VALORANT who is geared towards camouflage and is highly mobile.

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Image source: Riot Games

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