The University Esports Masters a Europe-wide college competition, has announced major changes for its 2021 season.

The League of Legends event of the competition, due to begin in April, is expanding the competition format to include a European League that allows additional countries and regions to participate.

Credit: University Esports Masters

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] A total of 30 teams from 14 European nations with a prize pool of € 15,000 (~ £ 13,158) are expected. After the European League, the competition ends with the UEMasters Final in July.

The teams that will compete in the European League have yet to be confirmed. However, the organizer of university esports tournaments NUEL and National Student Esports (NSE) has determined that two UK teams from the winter semester will be included in the tournament.

One team qualifies for NUEL's Amazon University Esports tournament and the other qualifies for NSE's League of Legends tournament. It is expected that most of the teams that qualify for the European League will go through the winter breakdown of their respective region.

Regarding the announcement David Jackson, Acting General Manager at NUEL, told Esports Insider, “It is fantastic to see the University Esports Masters grow as it has been, and this is another important one Milestone in the growth of European university esports.

“By working together, we see a fantastic opportunity to include more people and expand the university's esports community, and we can't wait for UEM to start in 2021. "

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After the spring academic semester, a team of students from each participating country has the opportunity to take one "Last Chance Qualifier" to determine the last four participants in the UEMasters play-offs that will take place after the European League is over.

Sam Hibbert, Head of Partnerships at NSE added, “We are very excited to be part of the University Esports Masters 2021 League of Legends college tournament. This is the first time a top student LoL team from the British University Esports Championship winter semester qualifies for the UEM. We look forward to supporting all three UK teams together with NUEL in July. “

In addition to League of Legends, Clash Royale will be presented again. The top two from the NUEL spring season will be the UK's representatives for the event.

Esports Insider Says: The expansion of the University Esports Masters in 2021 is great for the grassroots esports scene in Europe. Not only are more regions involved, but the competition continues to provide a highly competitive tournament for promising League of Legends and Clash Royale players currently in training.

Read the ESI 2021 calendar of events.

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