A team of predominantly British League of Legends streamers will take part in the latest Twitch Rivals tournament.

On the side, led by the British team captain and top laner HuzzyGames, the British streamers Foxdrop (Jungle) Vicksy (middle track) and Bizzleberry (support) as well as the well-known Swedish host and former professional player Yamatocannon (ADC) play.

The team lineup was created by HuzzyGames in a snake-style design live on . Twitch Rivals Stream from a pool of 130 different League of Legends streamers.

Some other personalities and streamers from the UK and Ireland, for example, were unfortunately not included by other teams, RossBoomSocks, Medic , RezoneGames and more.

TeamHuzzyGames will compete against seven other teams led by team captains iamdiamond, adamkissak, Wickd, Teamless, Thaldrinlol, Solary and noway4u_sir. Full team lineups and other details can be found here.

Teams don't have to be technically based on nationality, but some go in that direction.

Twitch Rivals consist of an NA tournament and an EU tournament. Each contest has a prize pool of $ 75,000, with winners taking home $ 25,000, second places receiving $ 15,000, and third and fourth places receiving $ 5,500.

The teams will also take home $ 1,000 per win in the round robin phase.

The games take place on March 31, April 1 and April 2. The EU games start every day at 2 p.m. GMT.

This year's British team is similar to that of last year. HuzzyGames, Vicksy and Bizzleberry are back, Foxdrop in the jungle instead of VaporaDark and Yamatocannon as ADC Snitch.

Last year Team UK unfortunately stayed behind in the LoL Twitch Rivals tournament despite a promising start and some very good performances in the early game.

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