The Danish Counter-Strike-Team Astralis heard their own fan anthem "To The Stars". The video for the song shows a common merger of the rights of the teams. The Astralis Counter-Strike team is one of the new teams that has recently taken the musical path. On Tuesday the Danes will publish their own fan anthem "To The Stars" on their social media channels, which was heard in collaboration with the Danish musician Mattis Jacobsen.

The video for the song shows in visible and the development of the more alternating Major winner from Copenhagen in own pictures. Moments of heirs of interest can be seen in which the players, collectively, suffer and lose. The way of the team from the rocky beginnings to the victories in the important conflicts is also lyrical.

Official CS: GO song?

Many personal ones can be found in the story of Astralis. Interest Finn “ karrigan ” Andersen, who in 2016 the young savages Nicolai “ dev1ce ” Reedtz and Peter “ dupreeh Or also Markus“ Kjaerbye ”Kjærbye, who joined the lineup at the first Major win 2017 in Atlanta.

as the official music kit. A classic in the earlier playlist is the ENCE anthem "EZ4ENCE" by The Verkkars from 2019.

Video: CS: GO – WTF Moments # 3 with dev1ce, NAF and kennyS

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