Esports Insider is pleased to announce Deloitte and Nations Ventures as partners in the fourth edition of The Clutch Digital, the sports-focused pitch investment competition, this time known during to give ESI Digital Winter (November 19-20, #ESIDIGITAL).

The Clutch Digital takes place on the first day of the digital conference on November 19th and welcomes a jury of distinguished investors to judge four esports-related startups.

  Announcement by Clutch Digital Key Partners

Last year the inaugural edition of The Clutch debuted at ESI London. As part of the ESI events, the clutch was digitized during the ESI Digital Summit in May and again during the ESI Digital Summer in August. Previous winners include Gscience under ESI London TEAMS who were crowned during the ESI Digital Summit and Anzu won the ESI Digital Summer . Who will be the champion of the ESI Digital Winter Edition in November?

The Clutch Digital offers startups the opportunity to register with active investors in the esports industry as well as with an online live audience. The application deadline for the competition is 6. November. Startups looking to end the fourth quarter with a bang are encouraged to apply for the final installment of this year's investment contest.

Apply for The Clutch Digital before the deadline!

The prestigious jury consists of members of the key partners of The Clutch Digital:

  • Christian Christoefl, Vice President, Investment Banking at Deloitte
  • Patrick Mahoney, CEO of We Are Nations

The Clutch Digital offers a unique platform to introduce products and ambitions to seasoned investors, and those invited to the pitch have the opportunity to promote their products before the event.

Successful applicants will be accepted by 12. November notified. . The four accepted applicants will each receive two free tickets to ESI Digital Winter to enjoy the event's panels and showcases before entering the Clutch Digital stage for a four-minute pitch and six-minute Q&A session with the judges.

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. Patrick Mahoney, CEO of We Are Nations commented, “The Clutch is one of the highlights of an ESI Summit and I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed attending it. Ideas have always driven innovations in business. But innovations in sport are currently not comparable to any other industry. I am thrilled to be in the thick of it with ESI, The Clutch Digital and Nations Ventures. "

Natalia Vasilyeva, Vice President of Marketing at Anzu Winner of The Clutch Digital's recent competition added: " The Clutch Digital win came to one for Anzu crucial point in time. The jury of experts who selected Anzu as the winner of the competition was proof that Anzu & # 39; s in-game advertising solution is a valuable contribution to the esports industry.

“The coverage and collaboration with The Clutch Digital by Esports Insider has been great exposure for Anzu. In conjunction with the announcement of our partnership with Axis Games to launch the first programmatic PC campaign in sports, Anzu has strengthened our positioning in space since the competition. “

Apply now to The Clutch Digital before November 6th!

Don't forget to check out the ESI Digital Winter which is part of the Esports Assemble and joins the Esports Awards Expo and Esports Awards 2020 which are the main ones Present industry events of the season.

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