Even though Fahkumram has a sizable nerf in the 3.33 patch of Tekken 7, he is still a threat to arena muay thai. If you continue to struggle against this op match, read on. I've done some research to offer you the top three ways to counter fahkumram.

For those who are not familiar with the character, Fahkumram is the last DLC character from Tekken 7's season 3. With the ever-growing competitive scene in Thailand At the Tekken World Finals 2019 in Bangkok, the developers made the native Thai the youngest Member of the Tekken 7 roster.

1. Spam your homing moves

Fahkumram's side step still has a momentary hint and his backdash is even better dodging than Zafina. This should give you the offensive edge by using your homing moves frequently. This type of aggression guarantees that you will approach Fahkumram and limit his attitudes.

2. Watch His Ramasura Rotation

One of Fahkumram's deadliest mix-ups is his extensive Ramasura. With different starting movements and alternative hits you have to pay attention to how he starts his string.

With a little practice you can read and hear whether he is jumping into hell or switching it up with his middle arm. If he chooses the middle arm, you can hear an earlier scream from Fahkumram that will give you plenty of time to return to a neutral stance for the block.

For characters who have a Magic 4 kick or a quick CH take like King's B + 1, you can easily thwart this cheesy move by receiving the counter hit after the first hit is blocked .

3. Dodging his charges

In walled stadiums, Fahkumram will often put you under pressure with his assault attacks because of his wall splat guarantee. To counter this type of attack, you need to know that all of his attack attacks are very linear, giving you enough time and space to respond to.

If you're playing with someone who has a fast CH launcher like King or Steve Fox, you can do the same thing as you did for the Ramasura, but if you want to play more safely and get started, you can easily bypass the train and Start fahkumram for a full combination.

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