Twitch has created a special directory for esport tournaments teams and players.

Twitch's newly created esport area includes a directory of live tournaments, a list of live players enrolled in professional organizations, tailored ratings based on user experience, and a sub-directory that records active tournaments and lights. The section contains "Esports Streaming Environment more intuitive and available".

Earlier this week, Twitch signed a 3-year contract with ESL and DreamHack that would make the tournament organizer the exclusive digital partner of the "big" world – including the IEM, the DreamHack Masters and DreamHack Open, the ESL Pro Tour and the DreamHack Pro League.

Last November, Juked launched its open beta in San Francisco – a group of Twitch, mixers and other streaming networks that broadcast sports competitions.

The platform now includes tools, including an esport calendar with reminders and VoDs when the platform is expanded. Popdog presented a term similar to Juked last week.

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