Magic eye.

There’s some kind of witchcraft going on with Witcheye, and we’re not just talking about the title character. Here’s a 2D platformer that doesn’t involve any jumping whatsoever. Spooky.

At the outset of the game, you take control of a witch who turns herself into a free-flying eyeball – because witches – in order to chase down a sticky-fingered knight. With neither limbs nor gravity to worry about, you’re suddenly able to traverse these tight tunnel-like levels with an easy flick of the Joy-Con stick or touchscreen. Set off in a direction and left to her own devices, our witch will behave rather like a rubber ball, bouncing off surfaces and – if you’re not careful – into spiky traps. Thankfully, pressing any main Joy-Con button or tapping the screen will stop you dead in your tracks.

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