Nintendo SVICII.

The music of sadly-deceased electronic musician Avicii didn’t initially strike us as a great match for a rhythm action game. The marriage of a single contemporary artist with the medium of video games gives us PTSD flashbacks to The Black Eyed Peas Experience. Thankfully, unlike Will.I.Am and Fergie’s barely-listenable dreck, Avicii’s discography is altogether more pleasant and likeable, often marrying EDM beats with a folksy, yearning sort of vocal style – a sort of cross between NERO and Willie Nelson. Look, we don’t get to indulge our inner-NME very often. Let us have this.

It’s interesting and welcome that rather than exploiting imagery of the late Tim Bergling, Avicii: Invector takes its cues from the likes of Frequency and Audiosurf; you’re a mostly-anonymous spacefaring presence, piloting your modest craft through the songs in a very traditional manner. It’s game first, featured personality second, and it works brilliantly.

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