Halloween is just around the corner. In keeping with the horror event, there is a new hype game on Steam: Phasmophobia. What is on your guard and which games cannot be missing in Spooktober can be seen here.

It is October and thus it is also creepier in the behavioral world. In addition to the well-known classics such as Silent Hill or Resident Evil, there are always new horror hits. This year is the Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia: Horror with a fun factor

The indie game by Kinetic Games goes through the roof on steam. The principle of the game is relatively simple: As a group of ghost hunters, you have to paranormal events in different relationships. It can be a normal family house, but it can also be an asylum.

  Phasmophobia Kinetic Games
In Phasmophobia there is a paranormal activity mood. // Source: Kinetic Games

However, this is not so easy, because the multiplayer game cannot be played with up to three friends. However, this is only possible via voice chat. You can also speak directly to the spirit through this, but it becomes more and more aggressive the longer you talk to it, and may attack or even kill you.

You have various available such as Ouija boards, salt shakers or those with which you can track the spirit. It's fun, but also scary difficult. The characters can take care of it. Especially with the VR glasses horror is announced.

Phasmophobia can be bought for 11.59 euros on Steam .

Silent Hill, Outlast, Resident Evil – horror games for Halloween

If Phasmophobia is not enough for you, you can of course withdraw to other games such as Silent Hill. We have rights for the selection of the best horror games:


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