The newly developed esports betting legislature in Puerto Rico aims to enable esports betting on Enchantment Island.

Project 1534, a bill that legalizes both personal and online betting on traditional sports and esports, was signed by the departing Governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vásquez Garced. The plan is to change the previous law to "create jobs for new industries and businesses" and "strengthen government programs and critical services through the development of new sources of income," according to a publication.

"I am extremely excited to sign PS 1534 as it leads the sports and sports betting business to support businesses and jobs. This change will complete and create a new industry that will create thousands of jobs . ”

With the law passed, more legislative votes will also need to take place before formal implementation. The task now will be to enforce the latest sports and sports betting laws, Pedro Pierluisi, the new governor of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has officially legalized sports betting, but sports betting has been banned by government regulations due to a lack of sports betting in US territory. The 1534 project allows players to legally bet on sports via cell phones and online after personally registering with an existing retail betting facility new legislators are formed, there is no official start date.

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