After a hard and unexpected fallout in the 2020 summer playoffs, Bok "Reapered" Han-gyu resigned as head coach of Cloud9. The 28-year-old trainer has been with the team since 2016.

Despite Team Worlds 2020 missing, Reapered played a vital role in making his many squads one of the top teams in the LCS. Cloud9 would represent the region three years in a row (2016-2018) in the co-phase of the worlds.

His biggest contribution is by far the most recent spring championship of Cloud9, the first national championship since 2014. Supported by a new and – The improved jungler in Rober "Blaber" Huang and the signings of Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen and Philippe "Vulcan "Laflamme immediately dominated the league in 2020, losing only one game in the regular season and one in the spring playoffs. [19659004] Cloud9 owner Jack Etienne on the LCS Champs: "The drive and focus of these guys are different."

  • TSM are seven-time LCS champions. Although the team had a perfect record in the first four weeks, they struggled to conclude with various experimental compositions against some of the best teams in the league.

    While C9 finished the regular season in second place (15-3), the team fell out of favor in the postseason. The returning champions, who only appeared in two games, suffered a defeat in the top division against FlyQuest (3-1). After the loss to TSM (3: 1) their chances in the world disappeared.

    While their 2020 summer season ended disappointingly, Cloud9's all-star roster stops to look back on its 2021 competitive journey. As for Reapered, the Korean coach thanked his former team for the unforgettable memories and is actively looking for offers from the LCS or another region. [19659009] READ MORE: TSM advances to the finale of the lower bracket

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