Main support player Yeon-joon "ArK" Hong withdraws from the competitive Overwatch.

With the Overwatch League still out of season, the teams continue to refine their roster. The players also take the time to think about their careers – and sometimes put an end to it. Today this is the case of the main support player Yeon-joon "ArK" Hong.

ArK is an emblematic figure of the Overwatch League's inaugural season. He made his main stage debut with the New York Excelsior and eventually won the Overwatch League's first regular season.


After that successful first season in the League, ArK joined the Washington Justice. This new team that was struggling to find balance wasn't doing so well. The Washington Justice finished the regular season in penultimate place – 19th of 20 teams.

The Washington Justice, however, had a streak during the playoffs in North America. The teams stole both the Vancouver Titans and Dallas Fuel and eventually lost to the San Francisco Shock Grand Champions in the quarterfinals.

 ArK takes the stage with colleagues from the Washington Justice and grins with aviator glasses

Today ArK ends his career as an Overwatch pro. Before joining the league, the player studied in South Korea to become a nurse. However, his next plans could be centered on sports. The player said he had lost his passion for Overwatch as a player but could possibly be back as a coach.

Feature Image: Blizzard Entertainment / Ben Pursell

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