Activision and Infinity Ward have an important trailer just before Season 5 begins in Call of Duty.

With season 5, many players became a new chapter in the Call of Duty developers.

Activision now has a new trailer for season 5 – and How This is the case that the new season heralds a new era. Many requests from the community are also disclosed.

Season for Modern Warfare and Warzone

Season 5 will be released on August 5th on the live server for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. Here you can watch the latest trailer.

Warzone – The stadium belongs to itself For the main players, the Battle Royal mode has become a bit boring at the end of the season. There were no possible campers and every corner and a stadium that is not accessible.

It is now finally heard as an infinity district on the community with the new taxes for the players. The trailer shows that the new operators are blowing up the roof. Various rows of seats can now be seen from the inside and the players can become fan and food shops.

It can also be seen that a new massive train Verdansk resolved. This moves across the map. The north train gave the opportunity to collect prey and quickly get around quickly. This may include establishing a faster and more aggressive style of play in Warzone.

Finally there is a long-term opportunity to act against house campers. With the new season, the developers will be using a cable. This gives players the opportunity to climb a roof. This is a positive step in the directional community of Activision and Infinity Ward.

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    Die Multiplayer lovers don't have to worry. Season 5 is not just focused on Warzone. Because even for modern warfare, new content can be enjoyed. There are 2 new multiplayer maps (6vs6), a ground war map and another map for the mode Gunfight the way in the season found.

    The two new multiplayer maps are Suldal Harbor and Petrov Oil Rig. For Gunfight Livestock comes as a map and for the ground war became a well-known part of Verdansk – the international airport. The airport is as busy as in Warzone.

    A new faction is also found in the game – the Shadow Company. The group consists of 3 operators. In addition to the new operators, 2 new weapons: AN-94 and ACP9. Thus, a new assault rifle and a new submachine gun come into play. The names of the weapons are not yet known.

    The new season has many positive statements and shows that the developers want to set an example. Activision and Infinity Ward are actively targeting the community with the update. We can only wait for things to continue in the future. We are very busy with the new CoD season and the rights it brings

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