The start of the new year is also an exciting one for the esports teams and professionals: In 2021 we again saw a lot of big tournaments, the organizational age of passengers and the description of the pandemic.

In League of Legends, FIFA and Fortnite, esports will be ramped up a bit for 2021 despite the owner of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are also some top events waiting for us in CS: GO, even if that belongs to Major is still in the stars.

LoL: MSI belongs back and LCS with a new format

In 2021 there will probably be another Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) in League of Legends, this will be canceled in 2020. In the middle of the season, the champions of the general LoL relationships meet at MSI and differentiate between the best team in the world.

In the early part of the year, the MSI failed to bring the LoL professionals in the pandemic together in one place. At the World Cup in Shanghai in October, however, the publisher and organizer Riot Games succeeded in doing this organizational feat. Various legal rights riots mean that the company is back with the MSI plant this year.

Europe's G2 Esports deserves the MSI in 2019 and is still the defending champion

Meanwhile, the format is being used heavily in the North American LCS. Riot has turned the two splits into a contiguous season with a mid-season tournament that determines the MSI participants in the region. In the end, each team will have 45 games, all of which will be included in the final table and thus in the seeding for the summer playoffs. These will be about the three slots for the world championship.

In addition, the season started in groups with a "lock-in" tournament. This is quantified by the 150% US dollar prize money that goes to the winner. Riot will not only show more LoL action, the teams will also have more match practice. In Europe, LEC is meanwhile staying the same. Both leagues should continue to run online for the time being.

FIFA: Global Series underway again

The Global Series will dominate the FIFA esports landscape as in 2020. EA Sports was only able to cope with the loss and loss of the pandemic to a limited extent and canceled the series of tournaments, and there was also no tax FIFA eWorld Cup . In 2021, however, the professionals will be more active again.

In the online tournaments for PlayStation and Xbox players, the best among them will be for the recurring FIFA eWorld Cup . There are tournaments in Europe for five years; the first competition was shot by the professionals in mid-December. The eChampions League will also be part of the Global Series.

in addition, EA Sports has already indicated that the FIFA eClub World Cup and the eNations Cup will also take place in 2021. The former was still carried in 2020, the eNations Cup would be called off.

CS: GO: IEM Katowice without events, initially no Major

In CS: GO there will be another offline event with The Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice in February, but without an audience Place.

This video is available from 16 years of age.

The Spring- Major for 2021 has already been canceled by Valve, heard CS fans waiting for the old royal tournament. One possible way is that the competitive landscape will have heard a lot about how the Corona crisis is developing for everything in Europe. A top event is scheduled for January with the BLAST Premier Global Final.

. So there was still no update for ESL One: Cologne, which is due in July. It is currently conceivable that regained online tournaments await us in 2021.

Shooter fans can also orientate themselves in the direction of VALORANT, because the FPS title from Riot Games should receive a new new legacy in 2021. The grand finale of the year is supposed to be the first VALORANT- Champions tournament, a role that will be played by Riot, so to speak. Fortnite esports that are still young can go into the new year, because Epic Games has already announced that the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) will continue in February.

It is supposed to be next to the FNCS, but it is said that the proceeds from the epic games of "heirs without authorization, various tournaments and Creator Cups" that complement the esports tournaments.

The decision for the world championship in 2019, Fortnite had hardly any offline events to offer anyway, and basically showed little interest in fans and esporters due to the pandemic. The plan for 2021 is not to let any Fortnite World Cup help. It's epic games that are moving on to establish a jam-packed esports calendar that will keep the game owned in the new year as well.


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