Please sir, can I have some mo’?

If you’re not familiar with MO:Astray beyond its utterly weird name, then it’s high time you start paying attention. Originally released on Steam back in October 2019 to little fanfare, MO:Astray is a 2D puzzle-platformer boasting unique gameplay mechanics, meticulously designed environments, and gorgeous pixelated visuals. There are flavours of the Metroidvania genre sprinkled into MO:Astray, but it’s an altogether more linear experience, and all the better for it.

You play as an unassuming blob called MO. Initially, MO’s movements are severely restrained, and it can only slide across the ground in a rather pitiful manner. After absorbing a bit of energy early on, MO gains the ability to leap and stick to walls and ceilings. In doing so, it’s able to bounce around the environment with ease, flitting between parallel surfaces and propelling itself through the air. It’s a surprisingly versatile way of navigation; you utilise the right analogue stick to point MO in the desired direction, and tap L or LT to jump, with the strength of your jump dependent on how far you move the analogue stick.

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