One for the dog lovers.

Switch might be a natural home to platformers but outside of 2018’s excellent Runner3, and the less-excellent Bubsy: Paws On Fire!, we’ve seen little of the runner sub-genre. Targeting the dog lovers, Double Pug Switch from The Polygon Loft seeks to fill that niche. Bringing us a challenging platformer, you play as Otis, adorable pug companion to the Professor. After a lab accident causes a portal to open, Otis gets sucked into an alternative dimension alongside Whiskers, the Professor’s cat. Finding himself empowered, Whiskers wishes to remove dogs from existence, seeking a cat-only dimension and renaming himself Lord Sker.

Only you can stop him and this campaign comes with 40 levels, evenly divided between five worlds that end (predictably) with a Lord Sker boss fight, which only involves dodging his attacks. As you’d expect from a runner, Otis runs automatically once the level begins and won’t stop until you reach the end. Your only input is to jump and shift dimension, allowing him to avoid traps or access certain platforms. It’s a basic concept but for a smaller game, it does the job. For added variety, some levels also offer powerups, like bounce pads to make larger jumps, or the ability to shrink Otis to fit through tiny gaps.

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