I can’t believe they got Sean Bean to play [REDACTED].

Is it even worth doing a spoiler warning for an article that literally has the word “twist” in the title? I will anyway, just in case: This article will contain spoilers for both Game of Thrones and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, as well as probably some of the other Ace Attorney games, but none of the ones that were released in the past few years because I don’t remember their plots quite as well.

Alright, now it’s just us, let’s get down to spoilers business. If you’ve read any of my “What Are You Playing” entries, you may know that my partner is currently playing through the Ace Attorney trilogy, and I – an avid and extremely irritating fan of the series – am watching along. He’s at the end of the second game, Justice For All, already, so he’s already proved Maya innocent, proved Edgeworth innocent, and proved himself innocent, because Ace Attorney loves a good bit of drama.

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