Ezreal, who? We have a new sheriff in town and it's not Caitlyn, Ashe is the champion you want to play if you want to climb.

22.4% pick rate, 53.05% win rate and 7.9% ban rate over 300,910 matches in Platinum + If this doesn't make you as excited as your jungler who steals Baron in a 40 minute game, I don't know what's going on. Ashe has amazing statistics backed up by a massive sample size, which means it's the first choice for Patch 10.14. Let's get ready to speed up and figure out how to play this champion perfectly.


The Pros:

  • Utility
  • Innate Slowdown
  • Long Distance
  • Global Ultimate
  • Global Vision
  • Persistent Damage
  • Good Scaling

19659005] Minor outbreak

  • Low mobility
  • Depending on positioning
  • Depending on situation support
  • Runes / Summoner spells

      A. League of Legends rune page for Ashe with the Lethal Tempo keystone and Inspiration Secondary
    A sample rune page for Ashe.

    Lethal Tempo can be ideally combined with an Ashes Kit. It slows down its opponents and when it is finally within range, it crashes them down with Lethal Tempo. Presence of Mind is the meta-rune of three in the second row as it is consistent across every mana user kit. She finishes the precision tree with Alacrity and Coup De Grace. Ashe, unlike many other ADCs, uses Alacrity because it rushes Blade of the Ruined King, which means it takes less life robbery and can choose attack speed instead. [19659021] Next, Ashe takes magic footwear and approach speed in the inspiration tree. Approach Velocity is the rune that makes Ashe an extremely strong choice because it works well with the built-in slowdowns in her kit. Ashe can always chase her at approach speed, as long as she has the same basic movement speed as the enemy chasing her. Finally, Ashe uses the standard ADC runes for attack speed, attack damage, and armor.


      A sample setup and skill order for ADC Ashe
    A sample setup for Ashe.

    Ashe's standard listing is a destroyed king's sword storm in Runaan's hurricane to cause aoe slows and damage. After the first two core elements, Ashe is free to list, depending on the team composition with which she is compared. The most important variant to consider at the moment is to replace Blade of the Ruined King with Manamune. This variant is recommended when you play against muddy teams where Blade of the Ruined King would not be optimal in terms of hits and attack speed.

    Ashe to Victory [19659027] Early Game

    Take advantage of your range advantage and slow down to get your opponent on track and force them into unpleasant trades that they are not used to. Push your opponents up to level 6, where you should look for your opponents to blow a flash. After you've burned your opponent's lightning, take a callback timing and look all-in again when your Ultimate shows up for the second time at level 7 or 8.

    Mid Game

    Competition targets with Hawkshot and check the bushes with volleyball to make them Sure, the fog of war is clear when you walk through the jungle. Push the opposing team out with volley to start cheap battles and look for ultimatums for the enemy backline like ADC, Mid-Laner or support. However, don't be afraid to hold your Ultimate if there is no favorable angle, as a guaranteed stun later in the fight can be just as groundbreaking.

    Late Game

    Ashe has some of the highest sustained damage in combat compared to other ADCs. So don't be afraid of a fight. Fight slowly and start covering the damage with Blade of the Ruined King and Runaans Hurricane. Ashe has a lot of benefits and damage, so any fight in late game can be won as long as you position yourself well and take damage and slow down.

    And as usual GL HF at the Rift Summoners.

    Statistics from U. GG

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