From October 30th, the popular Warzone streamer HusKerrs will host a $ 300.00 tournament – also under the motto Halloween.

Jordan "HusKerrs" Thomas is one of the greatest Call of Duty: Warzone streamers in the world. He signed with NRG last month and has continued to grow. He has put up some of the biggest numbers on Twitch while also winning the tournaments he competes in. This time, however, he will host the tournament with $ 300,000.

] HusKerrs 'Howl Format

  An informational guide to the HusKerrs Howl Call of Duty Warzone Tournament with information on brackets and format

HusKerrs' Howl will be a three-week series of tournaments that will reward a portion of the massive $ 300,000 prize pool each week. The tournament begins on October 30th with 16 duo teams playing in Zombies Royale mode. The following week the teams compete in a double elimination round, which is divided into two groups of eight. The eight best teams compete against each other in the Grand Final. The eight best teams are based on their four best placements from the first qualifier and the two best placements from the second.

The tournament begins October 30th and can be viewed on HusKerrs' Twitch channel . There will be some of the biggest and best Warzone streamers in the world. With a creepy twist, this tournament is different from others, but we expect the same high quality gameplay that we normally see.

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