Haval announces the extension of the relationship it began in July 2020 with Virtus.pro, Russia's most-titled eSports club, and the CIS. The record results achieved by the brands' joint efforts last year have become the main reason for the new partnership.

The expansion of the relationship between Haval and Virtus.pro in 2021 implies an interaction not only in Dota 2, but also in CSGO an equally widespread esports discipline, with the club's first squad . In addition, Haval will continue to support broadcasts in Russia and the CIS of the largest esports tournaments for viewers. The longest-term project of this magnitude in the CIS remains the cooperation with Virtus.pro and the support of competitions.

Haval has crossed almost 17 million unique users in Russia and the CIS as a result of the financing of the first Virtus.pro-Dota 2 This measure confirms that cyber sports enthusiasts and their supporters are a really advanced audience and the advanced vehicle equipment and eye-catching architecture rightly so can appreciate.

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We've been working with Virtus for six months. pro has achieved promising results, both in terms of enhancing Haval's image as a revolutionary car brand and in terms of entering the sport, ”said Jerome Saigot, CEO of Haval Motor Rus. This is due to the similarity of values ​​between Haval and Virtus.pro – the desire for leadership and the development of new ideas. We're expanding our relationship with the esports club in 2021 and foreseeing greater integration into such an exciting market.

"Sergey Glamazda, General Manager of Virtus.pro:" We are proud of a partner like Haval and satisfied with the results of our cooperation last year. Haval and Virtus.pro have managed to achieve their goals together. We are very happy to extend the partnership. The markets of Dota 2 and CS: GO are different, and Haval will have more opportunities to showcase its ideas.

As a manufacturer of groundbreaking crossovers, Haval uses a similar approach for the collaboration between Virtus.pro. This made Haval the first car brand to take part in the video announcement of the new exclusive line-up. An interesting interactive solution is a game in the style of Dota 2 in which the F7 crossover, the most commonly used Haval model, has been implemented. In addition, unique masks have been published on Instagram's social network for all club fans who want to cheer on their favorite team.

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