G2 Esports, a Berlin-based esports organization, has announced a collaboration with the online bookmaker Betway.

The two-year contract provides that Betway and G2 Esports will have a number of fan-oriented promotions the goal of "promoting growth in numerous media", it says in a press release. Conducting and co-creating show matches, live streams, fan activations, giveaways, and a range of other video content are examples.

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

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G2 Esports will join a list of notable organizations that have partnered with the online gaming operator, including FURIA, MIBR, PSG Esports and BIG Clan. The Swedish ninjas in pajamas that Betway has been working with since 2016 are also on that long list of team partnerships.

In response to the current flurry of team-based relationships in the room, Adam Savinson, Betway's Esports representative division , told Esports Insider that these relationships allow the bookmaker to “give back” to the esports community.

“Partnering with global powerhouse teams like G2 gives us access to their superstar players and gives us more firepower to order the community through market-leading content, ”added Savinson. "We identify with the companies the public loves with any groundbreaking relationship and make sure we support the industry and drive esports."

When managing different team relationships, it is important to consider how these agreements differ from each other can be distinguished Another. Everything is believed to be in the works for Betway.

G2's remarkable attention to detail in partner activation is underscored by Savinson, who goes on to say that the Berlin team's deal is based on a "unique and original activation plan" . specially tailored to its audience.

"Every club is different, and we've worked with G2 to come up with a unique and inventive activation plan that works only for their fans," he said. We try to take innovative marketing to the next level with every new Betway relationship and you will see the same focus on audience engagement throughout the sponsorship. ”

G2's collaboration with Betway will be the first ever gambling-related agreement ESP.bet had been partnering with the organization at the time to provide their first entry into esports betting and fantasy sports.


at work behind the scenes but I can tell you our collaboration will be a lot of fun, "said Carlos & # 39; Ocelote & # 39; Rodriguez, the founder of G2. "We're working on a variety of unique experiences that will allow our fans and the rest of the community to experience esports in ways they have never experienced before."

When the pandemic struck a year ago, esports was one of the last remaining live sports. This put eSports betting in the spotlight, causing a significant increase in volume and prompting operators around the world to take the category seriously.

The temperature has risen sharply to keep Ocelote making the bookmaker one become an integral part of the ecosystem.

"In the last year esports have become more of a focus and the industry has embraced betting as part of the ecosystem," he said. Bets have different settings around the world; it is well established in Europe and is gaining popularity in the United States. It's fast becoming a huge part of esports entertainment and it's fantastic to be a part of. ”Savinson added that as the scene matures, the reputation for legitimate gambling sponsors will increase as the number of fans around it increases Protection concerns their industry from bad actors and shabby betting platforms.

In addition to the many content and fan activation components planned between the two, it is said that another "key aspect" of the company will be educating people about responsible betting .

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