At the end of 2020, the generation of the PlayStation will appear with the PS5. This has a long history. Sony owned its first console in 1994. It has gone through quite a transformation when it comes to recording. We have all models of the cult console for you.

Every innovation has its origin, including the PlayStation from Sony. Starting with the PlayStation 1 and its innovative CD drive – yes you heard that right! CD and innovation in one sentence – up to a new PlayStation 5, whose games don't even approach a CD passenger class.

Here is your evolution of the cult console.

You are wondering which games will work for the new PlayStation 5? Here you can find the highlights: These are the game highlights for the PlayStation 5

The best games on the PS4 cannot be displayed here: These were the game highlights for the PlayStation 4 [19659003] Further topics about the PlayStation 5 that you liked:

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