ESTNN counts the ten best Points of Interest (POIs) in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Fortnite: The Battle Royale map became a real icon in game history in the first ten seasons. In Chapter 1, Epic Games produced arguably the most diverse landscape in the history of the Battle Royale subgenre. Tilted Towers was just one of many that even people who didn't know Fortnite would recognize. Loot Lake and Shifty Shafts are two more that live on in our memories. Everything gamers loved changed forever in October 2019 when Chapter 1 moved into Chapter 2.

One of the most significant events of Fortnite, called & # 39; The End & # 39; deleted Chapter 1 from existence. In its place there was Chapter 2 with numerous new areas to discover and learn. Although it split up the general player base, Fortnite Chapter 2 paved the way for some unique locations. The Mythic Points of Interest (POIs) stand out as innovative ideas regardless of their strength. Misty Meadows and Lazy Lake are two newly introduced Chapter 2 locations that have grown to include Fortnite players.

We have been in Fortnite Chapter 2 for almost five seasons now, and after a year we made a list of the top ten POIs to enjoy Fortnite's post-blackout vibe.

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10 – Lazy Lake

  The place in the game, Lazy Lake, a quaint residential and camping area

After the Loss of Fortnite's legendary POI Tilted Towers, Lazy Lake became a distant cousin who was removed twice. Because of its layout, it's tiled in a way. There aren't nearly as many buildings, however, and probably half the population in any given game. Located northeast of Misty Meadows and west of Retail Row, Lazy Lake has become popular for its accessible location and reasonable loot.

On a good day, players who landed on Lazy Lake could find 34 chests in close proximity. Chapter 2 – Season 4 reduced breast brood has dampened these numbers, however. Separately, Lazy featured two tall main buildings surrounded by several smaller houses. The tall buildings attracted the most attention, considering that each contains five chests. Those who landed on the edges of Lazy Lake didn't miss out on too much.

In fact, the southernmost house Benjy's house has an impressive six chests. Players could also find vehicles, fishing spots, and easy rotation paths. Lazy Lake is one of the evenly weighted places and becomes a bright spot in Chapter 2.

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9 – Pleasant Park

  The In-game location, Pleasant Park, a recreation park with a small soccer field and bleechers

Pleasant Park was one of the few POIs from Fortnite Chapter 1 that survived the blackout event. Compared to Chapter 1, counterparts Retail Row and Salty Springs, Pleasant is a much better landing spot. Players will find Pleasant Park southwest of the Craggy Cliffs and north of Salty Springs. It is one of the larger locations on the map and has a number of 25 to 30 chests spread across several buildings. Although the current season turned Pleasant into Doom & # 39; s domain, not much has changed outside of the vault addition.

Before its Marvel overhaul, Pleasant contained many regular chests, shields, and late game supplies. Players also had a choice of many different vehicles for rotation. Mythical POIs have certainly ruined traditional drops to some extent. However, due to the vast territory and access to neighboring locations, players continued to fall off at Pleasant Park. Players who stop by Pleasant are rarely disappointed, provided they can beat the plethora of spawn battles.

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8 – Misty Meadows

  The in-game location, Misty Meadows, with red-roofed houses and an old-fashioned bell tower

Misty Meadows became a new location in after the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 1 Fortnite It was one of the bright spots in this completely different landscape. Misty Meadows is our favorite landing spot and has been since Epic Games unveiled the new map. Though it lacks the benefits of mythical POIs, Misty contains a whopping 28 chests dotted around different homes and areas on the east and west sides. The water-based environment offers players plenty of fishing spots and rotation channels in the north, south, east and west.

Misty Meadows is one of the most popular landing spots, which means that players who land here will likely have to battle the landing spots on spawn alas. Another downside is the rotation given Misty Meadows' location in the far south. Cars make turning a bit easier, but driving far north without engaging in combat is often a challenge. Despite these small flaws, Misty Meadows offers plenty of materials and loot, making it an ideal Fortnite location. It should go down in history as such.

7 – The Agency

  The place in the game, The Agency, a secret base that was built into a hidden bay

Chapter 2 – Season 2 The Agency was responsible for the chaos that was only Tilted Towers in its prime. This relatively small, mythical POI in the dead center of the map had some appealing options for those willing to risk a quick game to end up there. Its narrow spaces forced precise shots and left almost no room for error. In addition to the challenging landscape, players had to defeat crowds of henchmen and the main boss Midas unless they could dress up. The opponents, non-player characters (NPCs) and Midas managed to open up a world full of possibilities. The elimination of the boss wrapped in gold granted players a vault key card and an insanely powerful weapon known as the Mythic Drumgun.

Midas' drum gun was arguably the best melee weapon in Chapter 2 – Season 2. It caused 250 DPS and contained 40 shots per magazine. There was simply no escape when a player or team curled up with the drum gun and looked for W-Key. In addition to Midas' almighty weapon, the agency's vault contained slurp barrels and a decent amount of extra items. It's worth noting that rotating wasn't a problem given the agency's location in the dead center of the map. Though risky, the power of Midas' lawn was undeniable.

6 – Slurpy Swamp

  The in-game location, Slurpy Swamp, with factories and metal walkways in a wet swamp

Slurpy Swamps came in Chapter 2 – Season 1 as one of the more unique POIs in Fortnite history at. Players quickly became interested in Slurpy because of its unconventional design and infinite healing possibilities. Slurpy Swamps offers players numerous slurp barrels, mushrooms, tanks and a truck. Additionally, the surrounding waters of the Slurpy Swamps site contain slurp juice and plenty of fishing spots for extra prey. Shield is often hard to come by, so it pays to be appealing because of the abundance of healing options.

Players found 16 chests in Slurpy Swamps before Epic Games reduced brood brood in Chapter 2 – Season 4. Slurpy's area – south of Weeping Woods and west of Misty Meadows make it a bit difficult for a zone moving northeast. Regardless, the fishing spots and guaranteed shields are plenty of incentives to land at Slurpy Swamps.

5 – Catty Corner

  The in-game location, Catty Corner, has a slightly shabby residence with shipping containers and tire yard

Catty Corner premiered in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3 and is located northeast from Misty Meadows and southwest of Retail Row. This mythical place became a controversial topic, especially in the competitive scene. It featured Henchmen and Kit, a kitten / robot hybrid from Meowscles last season that carried two incredibly powerful weapons. One of the two weapons the Mythic Shockwave Launcher became the focus of many Fortnite matches in the third season. It used missiles for ammunition and acted as a grenade launcher that delivered shock wave grenades.

Players with the Mythic Shockwave Launcher in their hands could easily get up, turn away from their enemies, and even throw their enemies into the storm. It was a complete game changer for a weapon. Players lucky enough to eliminate Kit will also have earned a Mythic Charge Shotgun. The Charge Shotgun debuted in the third season, replacing the Pump Shotgun. Although the gun itself received a polarizing reaction from Fortnite fans, Kit's Charge Shotgun was outstanding. It could eliminate opponents with just one precise, fully charged explosion.

The combination of both weapons was fatal. Catty Corner also had a loot-filled vault, cars, and many healings. The place still exists, but what is currently missing is what made it so special in season three.

4 – Doom & # 39; s Domain

  The in-game location, Doom & # 39; s Domain, with the imposing stone statue of Dr. Doom outside a large mansion

Season 4's first Marvel-themed location – Doom & # 39; s Domain – replaced the popular Pleasant Park. Doom's domain is overseen by Marvel super villain Doctor Doom and features a dark mansion on the north side of this fresh take on an ancient POI. After eliminating Doctor Doom, players will see two mythical superpowers fall from his body. Doom's Mystical Bomb and Doom's Arcane Gauntlets are equally powerful and work in two completely different ways. The mystical bomb inflicts 60 DPS, destroys built structures and engulfs the area of ​​impact in flames.

Doom's Arcane Gauntlets spit out fast 45 DPS projectiles, allow users to fly briefly, and have no cooldown. Like many of the mythical locations in the past, Doom & # 39; s Domain has a vault filled with various air drops and chests, which makes it much more attractive than traditional landing sites. Let's not forget that all of the houses in Pleasant Park will remain, some with henchman's chests. The size of Doctor Doom's home base allows players enough space to conveniently set safe angles and lines of sight at their opponents. Marvel Comics' first dedicated Fortnite location has a lot going for it. Players just need to prepare for endless battles after hitting the ground.

3 – The Grotto

  The place in the game, The Grotto, a secret smuggler's cave with a river leading to it.

Located south of Dirty Docks, the grotto from Chapter 2 – Season 2 followed the same formula of all the mythical landmarks introduced in the same season. Henchmen patrolled the intricate underground cave at the behest of Brutus – the boss character of the grotto. Like Midas, Brutus carried one of the best weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2, the Mythic Minigun. This powerful, rapid-fire machine gun caused 252 DPS, fired faster, took longer to overheat, and was more accurate than any other variant of minigun. Brutus' minigun became an instant nuisance for players on the receiving end of their insane barrage of bullets.

Like all other mythical POIs, the grotto also had a vault full of extraordinary weapons and healings, heavy snipers, a vent for ease of mobility, boats, a helicopter and innumerable chests. With all its advantages, The Grotto guaranteed almost chaos from the start of every game. Even so, Brutus' home base is easily one of the best Fortnite locations in recent history.

2 – The Shark

  The location in the game, The Shark, with an island with a distinctive stone feature that resembles a shark's head

Chapter 2 – Season 2 The shark is arguably one of the most powerful places in the history of the Fortnites. The Shark was patrolled by the boss character Skye and featured some of the best loot this particular season. Skye's Assault Rifle and Unlimited Grappler gave competitive and casual gamers an instant advantage over any opponent in a given game. The assault rifle put 222 DPS and the grappler allowed for top-notch W-keying and altitude repetitions. Like The Grotto, Catty Corner, and several others, The Shark contained a vault full of loot, sipping barrels for guaranteed shield, lots of bricks and wood, a helicopter, numerous chests, and boats.

Like all other mythical POIs, there was no shortage of players brave enough to tackle The Shark. Those who managed to beat multiple players or teams sat nicely for the rest of the game. The identifying Shark rock formation made it impossible to miss, and despite a redesign later in the season, The Shark will go down in history as one of Fortnite's top landing spots.

1 – Stark Industries

  The place in the game, Stark Industries with the offices and laboratories of Iron Man's alter ego, Tony Stark

The superhero Iron Man from Marvel Comics got in Chapter 2 – Season 4 a location called Stark Industries. This elevated point of interest replaced Frenzy Farms with a completely redesign of how competitive and random Fortnite players prioritized their drop spots. Stark Industries became a major point of interest for a seemingly endless number of reasons. For the casual gamer, Iron Man roams the area dropping two mythical abilities the Unibeam and Repulsor gauntlets. Iron Man's Unibeam ability allows players to shoot a giant laser that inflicts 90 damage on enemies in its path and breaks through built structures.

The repulsor gauntlets aren't that appealing, but they fire projectiles with a target bot component and allow users to fly. These two mythical superpowers are just one of the many reasons to land at Stark Industries. Since Iron Man's POI is a mythical drop, players can receive a key card that will open a safe. In the vault, players will find healing items, legendary and epic weapons, and mobility items. In addition, Stark Industries has the Mark 51 – the best car in Fortnite. It doesn't require gas and can go up to 120 miles per hour. One of the only downsides to Stark Industries is its lack of materials, but the battles you will have here are well worth the payoff.

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