ESTNN shows the best mobility options and how competitive players will use them in Season 5.

Rotation in competitive Fortnite is one of the most critical factors. While the mechanics, goal and sense of play form the basis, the rotation acts as a kind of backbone. Players with subpar mechanics and objective setting can still place themselves well in tournaments if they understand the map and the effective rotations. Mobility and movement became even more important in Chapter 2 – Season 5, considering that Epic Games recently revealed that shock wave grenades and reef fish would no longer remain in the competitive prey pool. These were two of the most useful items in the game for many reasons.

Rift Fish often guaranteed free zone rotations without much risk, and shock wave grenades were useful when combined with bouncers or alone. When those two are gone, players have fewer options for mobility. Season 5 has some remaining points worth keeping an eye on, however, as the meta evolves ahead of the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) .

Zero Point Fish & Crystals

  A purple Null Point Fish and a purple crystal shard appear over a beach in Fortnite

The lack of Rift Fish will no doubt make Zero Point Fish more viable in competitive play. These consumables have the same function as the aptly named zero point crystals. Once consumed, Zero Point Fish allows players to traverse the landscape fairly quickly for 15 seconds. One player in a trio could carry multiple Zero Point fish and share them with their two teammates for late game rotations. Expect the competitive scene to produce other unique ways to use the Zero Point fish.

Zero Point Crystals are suitable for teams and players who land in the center of the map or randomly spin around the area. This newly introduced item allows players to teleport for 15 seconds. Players can prioritize crystals early and save their materials and other mobility items for late game. Crystals are not difficult to find and do not take up inventory slots.

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 ] A blue box with triangles pointing out in any direction and as Bouncers is shown over a light blue background with white lines of action and the word Fortnite in white in the corner.

The removal of the shock wave grenade had a negative effect on bouncers. While still useful, gone are the days when shockwaves and bouncers were combined for maximum distance rotation. Bouncers still have their place, especially considering that they are traps. Players can use bouncers at any time for shorter movements, to reduce fall damage, for height repetitions and if necessary for the W-Key. However, we could see these are more of an offensive and defensive tool than a rotation option.

Cars & Trucks

  A red Fortnite car is shown on a bridge with a sunset in the distance [19659003] Epic Games introduced vehicles in Chapter 2 – Season 3, which could be the main form of mobility this season. Cars and trucks move quickly and are especially useful in early game situations. We've also seen late vehicle rotations, but other teams and players could easily focus the fire and detonate a vehicle in no time. Let's not forget that a team that drives a healthy car can preserve its materials, bouncers, and other mobility options throughout their driving pleasure. There is no question that vehicles will take center stage in Season 5.


  A screenshot of a player playing the game Fortnite showing a character jumping under a tower on a beach and demonstrating the sand tunnel mechanic

The sand tunnel mechanic introduced in Chapter 2 – Season 5 instantly reliable for players who land or spin through the central and surrounding areas of the map. With this new mechanic, a player only needs to stand or crouch in a desert environment for a few seconds. Once the process is complete, the player sinks into the ground and can now move extremely quickly. Sand tunnels can make people vulnerable, but it is difficult for opponents to locate, track and shoot before the tunneler pops out and builds for protection. Like cars, competitors will abuse sand tunnels when necessary to obtain useful items for the endgame.


  A screenshot of a Fortnite player showing his character on a player-built wooden structure that shows the tarping mechanic

For players without access to bouncers, zero point fishing, crystals, cars or Sand, material consumption is the only option. This method is not ideal unless it is in a late or endgame situation. Materials are the blood of the life of Fortnite, and a player with no builds might as well drop their weapons and shield. The use of materials should be a last resort as they are vital later in any game. If all else fails, players will use builds to spin and may need to be eliminated or updated to add more materials if they want to earn a Victory Royale.

Epic's changes to competitive Fortnite will be one of the many storylines to watch as this season unfolds. We expect players to continue to revolutionize the game and find exciting ways to navigate the map. Be sure to check out tournaments, scrims, and streams to see the optimal rotation methods.

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