The FIFA Esport had become quiet since the corona pandemic. Tournaments given canceled and many just heard of the Weekend League . Now EA is announcing a new tournament series.

Now, in addition to real football, virtual games were also dormant for a while and replacement events such as the Bundesliga Home Challenge were the compensation, EA Sports was now the Summer Cup Series

. However, it is also clear that the same esport events of the year ( FUT Champions Cup Phase VI, FIFA eNations Cup 2020, FIFA 20 Global Series PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Playoffs and FIFA eWorld Cup 20) cannot be made up for.

In August last year the German Mohammed "MoAuba" Harkous hosted the FIFA eWorld Cup.

Percentage Distribution of Prize Money] $ 200.00 and Qualifiers of Confidence FUT Cups will be interest. Each entry will receive $ 3,125 and 150 points well done for the world rankings.

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– [19659003] $ 700,000 going and being the top gamers in the world social rankings go. The top 100 on each console receive part of the prize money. All Global Series points of the top 100 are added and given the same personal rights.

With Umut from Hamburger SV (4th place on the PS4) and Niklas Raseck (2nd place on the Xbox) there are two Germans in the top 5 on their console.

Structure of the PS4 Summer Cup series

Instead of the World Cup, there is now an online replacement tournament.

In six years from July 17 to August 9 will be found. The best new ones from the FIFA 20 Global Series were left. The winners of the online tournaments are titled Regional Champions.

These are the following regions: Europe, countries, South America, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East / Africa. Gambling is done on PlayStation 4.

The prize pool includes $ 228,000. The European Summer Cup will have 24 invited participants and will distribute $ 78,000.

In addition, there will be a new edition of the eChampions League in mid-August.

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