For the clicks.

In the years since launch, Nintendo Switch has hosted games from across the genres, including an array of old-school point and click adventure games — a genre which flourished on PCs in the old days and one which Nintendo’s hybrid console offers a convenient way to play. The system’s touchscreen makes it an ideal match for games which would have traditionally been best paired with a mouse, but many adventure games these days function just as well whether you’re playing docked to your TV with a pad or you’re out and about with your Switch in handheld mode.

Below you’ll find our recommendations — in no particular order — for the best adventure games on Switch; games less swashbuckling and more navigating conversation trees and tapping verbs and objects. Of course, some of the very best point and clicks ever made are swashbuckling adventures, although the infamous Mr Guybrush Threepwood hasn’t swung to Switch in a Monkey Island port just yet. It’s only a matter of time, surely?

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