Facebook Gaming ends partner status with Jeff Leach and NitroLukeDX as sponsors drop the CoD Ghost voice actor. ZombiUnicorn Says They Are

Facebook Gaming has terminated its partner status contracts with Jeff Leach and NitroLukeDX after a spit between the two UK content creators.

NitroLukeDX, also known as Luke Pickering, first released a video on May 7th with several out of context clips of Jeff Leach (who is also the voice of Ghost in the last Call of Duty games that made him sexism accuse followed by a roundtable discussion between players denouncing his behavior.

This caused Call of Duty publisher Activision to cut ties with Jeff Leach, who announced he would take legal action against NitroLukeDX for being one Called "out of context murder of a character".

Read More Facebook Gaming Termina ZombiUnicorn, partner of Jeff Leach and NitroLukeDX, when sponsors drop the CoD Ghost voice actor, says they are "grateful to Facebook , Activision and other companies have spoken out against Leach "


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