Following the launch of DDB Worldwide by DDB Worldwide DDB FTW the global esports company ESL has teamed up with the company to increase its subsidiary brands.

The partnership aims to expand and strengthen the commercial portfolio of ESL and DreamHack by providing “creative territory” to DDB's existing global customers. In addition, ESL will work with DDB FTW during the partnership.

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"For 20 years we've pioneered leading sports brands and creating breakthrough brand partnerships," commented Mark Cohen, Global SVP Brand Partnerships at ESL . “Our cooperation with DDB FTW enables us to introduce our customers to our target group and to jointly develop innovative brand strategies for esports fans worldwide.”

The deal includes the creation of new business design initiatives to further enhance the business models of the ESL companies strengthen. According to the press release, this includes developing new partnership projects that "can add value to sports enthusiasts and players around the world".

Bernhard Mogk, Global SVP Business Developmen t added: “The game culture is profound and diverse and nuanced. You can't declare yourself a player thinking you can speak their language.

“The FTW team has games in its DNA, some of them are savvy esports competitors. This deep passion is the only way to forge meaningful innovations while respecting the integrity of the culture. "

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DDB FTW has been dubbed" the world's first "network initiative of its kind on a global scale – only officially launched this week, however the agency has already added a large esports company to its portfolio on behalf of ESL. In addition, this year ESL expanded its business through the merger with DreamHack thereby strengthening its global reach.

"We are tasked with being the guardians of our customers' brands," concluded Darko Silajdžić, CEO of DDB FTW Global Esports & Gaming Lead. "So if we offer them opportunities like ESL, they know that they are in line with their values ​​and their strategy."

Esports Insider Says, A variety of organizations have started working with agencies to increase brand awareness and build relationships with non-endemic companies. However, through ESL's partnership with DDB, two of the largest companies in their respective fields are working together to create assignable activations that can appeal to esports' massive populations. It will be interesting to see how this method affects future collaborations.

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