In the Netherlands there are fines, in Belgium FIFA points are forbidden. Did these judgments affect the future of FIFA and EA Sports ?

A team in FIFA Ultimate Team doesn't have to cost money. A team that is better than everyone else.

Where can you only buy packs in the end and still need good luck with good cards? YouTuber Feind their "Packluck" like New Year's Eve and Christmas together, will be four- or five-digit amounts for the FIFA release. The management et al. Erné from FeelFIFA in the FIFA podcast Sweaty!

In Belgium this is earned as a game of chance, the acquisition of FIFA points, including in-game loss, which can only be acquired with real money, was banned in 2019 .

The big problem: The game makes you believe that you get a game advantage by acquiring points or packs, but that is the same as being lucky.

Gambling among children

“The hidden character of gambling is particularly problematic for children. If this is not properly regulated, games of chance will be lost in damage, great harm to people, families and society ”, paid network world the Belgian Gambling Commission.

In the Netherlands, the same argumentation resulted in the required penalties for EA Sports guidelines .

In Germany it becomes clear between "real" and "simulated" gambling . It is hazy about whether the rights from the loot boxes or the pack can ultimately be sold for real money or unsaleable documents go over the counter for money.

Therefore, FIFA is available from 0 years old – including the FUT mode. Nothing about that will change anytime soon. Because the classification then lies with the protection of minors and no longer with the entertainment software self-control (19459003).

The future of gambling? So far, casinos on the web were only allowed in Schleswig-Holstein, but from mid-2021 in all other federal relationships too . A FIFA point ban, as shown in Belgium, which is better. The limit to "real" gambling was still too clear;

The FUT mode only for traditional to state, however, was an option.

No matter how much large sums end up in weak rewards, the experiment from YouTube Trymacs lost. He invested over 9,000 euros in FIFA points and lost his drawn players in the stream. " It can't be that students care, ", he commented on the mechanics in FUT 21 are the best long-range shooters

  • That's how many FIFA coins EA gives real football professionals
  • This is how you lost the SBC with Rulebreakers-Denayer the cheapest
  • For the revolution there is a new restructuring in the protection of minors and then an adjustment in FIFA Ultimate Team . Alternatively, the Belgium construct without FIFA points is a good solution from a casual point of view.

    However, esports continues to be considered an extreme loss if other nations can continue to run.

    It is clear that the chances of success of packs in FUT are minimal and luck plays a major role – and these are clear parallels to gaming at the machine in the game library.

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