We show how Natus`Vincere plays on Mirage and take a close look at the last five games before the summer break.

Na`Vi is one of the most discussed and controversial teams in the professional CS: GO. We take a look at what makes your strategy so impressive.

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1. Aggression and stacking on pistol bullets

Natus`Vincere does not play passive default settings on CT pistol bullets. In the last four of five games, Na`Vi played one of the two stacks at one of the locations (2 times 3B, 1 times 3A) and once in the middle of the aggression.

Only in one of the last five games, Na`Vi played passively, 2A – 1 middle – 2B.

2. Aggression in Forcebuy rounds

We see a similar pattern in Forcebuy rounds: Natus`Vincere prefers to be active rather than waiting for the opponents to reach one of the locations.
Overall, Na`Vi will play passively on Forcebuys in less than 20% of cases.

3. Specific medium control at rounds of arms

We rarely see this with Tier 1 teams, but Natus`Vincere maintains a clear structure with regard to medium control. This is a general characteristic of their playing style rather than a strategic maneuver . Natus`Vincere has a habit of controlling the middle hard and very variable: flash peeks from different approaches, early AWP peeks, aggression at the beginning of the round They use many available options. [19659013] But if Na`Vi will not fight for the middle in most rounds, they will likely strengthen the A position. These can be different settings: 3A + 2B or 3A + 1 middle / short + 1B. In the last five games, Na`Vi had fewer than three players on the A side in the middle of the round. Only about 15% of the weapon projectiles.

4. Early S1mple & # 39; s Peeks

S1mple, S1mple … an extremely aggressive sniper against whom you can play very uncomfortably and uncomfortably (and his flick-shots are a separate topic). As for the Mirage, you can often find S1mple at the beginning of the round on the short one (by jumping from the window) or in the leader room.


5. Forcebuy rounds: don't expect a fast A-run

An interesting fact; In the last 5 games, Na`Vi has never completed a Forcebuy round as a quick A-Site push. We wanted to find a clearer pattern of behavior, but there was nothing we could hold on to. Na`Vi alternate with fast and slow rounds of strength, starting with medium control, or simply press the B point quickly. But Natus`Vincere hasn't played a single quick A-Site in the last five games.

6. Flamie lives in the palace

On Mirage Egor "Flamie" Vasilyev plays as A-Lurker on the T-side. Mostly it can be found in the palace (only in 5% of the rounds does Flamie play on the ramp). This is information that can be used in the game: for example, if you have information about the presence of players in the middle (and Natus`Vincere usually occupy the middle as 3 players) for slow rounds, you can try the ramp and T- to press. Spawn.

Image: ESL

7. Na`Vi does not push the B side in the late round without a short circuit

This is a small thing, but it is important to know. There are teams that don't mind running B-Site only through apps at the end of the round. There are teams that like to focus on B-splits with 3-4 players who go through briefly. Natus`Vincere never go fully apps running B-Site without being briefly in the middle of the late round. They usually have 1 or 2 players who get through briefly.

It is worthless that Na`Vi has many moments playing on Mirage that her opponents could use against her. Typically, Tier 1 teams have less visible patterns in their game. However, these patterns are specific to Mirage on other cards. Natus`Vincere's patterns and strategies are less obvious.

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