Last night we saw the first qualifier for the HusKerrs $ 300K Warzone tournament. Zlaner & Aydan won first prize.

HusKerrs' Howl is a new Warzone tournament hosted by popular Twitch streamer Jordan "HusKerrs" Thomas. The tournament series will run over two weekends and the top eight teams from previous qualifiers will compete in the main event for $ 300,000. Zlaner & Aydan won the first qualifying game and defeated the favorites Tommey & Rated in the final. That's how they did it.

Zlaner & Aydan's path to victory

They started in the first round against another exceptional team, LuckyChamu & AverageJoewo. Zlaner & Aydan narrowly won the first game 26:24 but the second game 35:14. This allowed them to advance to the second round, where they face the Call of Duty League pros, Scump & Formal would.

Zlaner & Aydan had a 1-0 lead with a solid 29:12 win. Scump & Formal struggled in the second game but the 19:19 draw wasn't enough and Zlaner & Aydan made progress overall. The third round was against the tournament director and another favorite, HusKerrs and Symfuhny. Zlaner & Aydan's performance was too dominant, winning 31-20 and 29-18 to secure their place in the winning final against SuperEvan & DiazBiffle.

SuperEvan & DiazBiffle started strong with a 48-44 win, Zlaner & Aydan came back strong in the second game and won 29-7. That was enough to get her across the line and into the Grand Final, secure her spot in the Main Event, and win at least $ 15,000.

In the Grand Final they were too strong for Tommey and Rated. At 34-28 and 13-12, they won the HusKerrs Howl Qualifier # 1. That win earned them $ 30,000 and a spot in the November 7th Main Event.

From the first qualifying game, the three best teams plus HusKerrs reach the main event. This means that Zlaner & Aydan, Tommey & Rated, SuperEvan & DiazBiffle and Symfuhny & HusKerrs have secured their place. Qualifier # 2 will take place on November 5th, Qualifier # 3 on November 6th and the Main Event on November 7th.

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