CLG Red the female esports division of the North American organization CLG has announced a multi-year partnership with peripheral company Logitech G

. Logitech G has been named the official peripheral partner of CLG Red's CS: GO team alongside the female players and content creators in VALORANT and Chess.

Photo Credit: Logitech G / CLG

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The Logitech G brand is featured in all CLG Red broadcasts and on its social media Integrated channels. In addition, the peripheral company's logo will be featured on CLG Red's jerseys.

Peter Kingsley, CMO, Logitech G commented, “In recent years, the gaming industry has made great strides in promoting diversity and inclusion. It's an ongoing journey that Logitech G is committed to.

“Part of that commitment is for brands like us to take a step forward and support female professional esports teams to showcase their talents and highlight the opportunities available to female esports players.”

Both companies become collaborate on an original content series around the CLG Red team, in which the players and coaching staff are highlighted during the competitions. In addition, CLG Red players and staff will perform on behalf of Logitech G multiple times.

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"In choosing a partner who will be so ingrained in both CLGs and our red team, one of our main considerations was that the organization was in line with our values," added . Dan Fleeter, COO, CLG . “We are committed to expanding professional women's sports, which should be a goal for the entire esports community, and we're thrilled that Logitech shares this vision with CLG. I am curious what we will build together. "

According to the publication, Logitech G is expected to play an" active role "in CLG Red's broadcast marketing materials, with promotions such as in-broadcast sweepstakes. among other things to be set to be used.

Esports Insider: Logitech G's visit as a CLG Red partner underscores the growth of female esports as it shows brands are willing to invest in the sector. Logitech's partnership sounds very interesting, especially with the launch of a CLG Red content series, and could be a catalyst for more brands sponsoring female teams in the near future.

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