The Dive | 2020 Worlds: Quarterfinals Reactions & Semifinals Preview

On today's Dive presented by Honda (S4 E39), the Dive gents react to 2020 Worlds Quarterfinals and break down their previews of the upcoming Semifinals ... source

This or That | I'm Not a Betting Man

This or That Presented by Verizon is ready for Finals and we're whisper screaming with excitement because Kobe is nice and doesn't want to wake Travis. source

This or That | Just Don’t Get Hit

This or That Presented by Verizon is here with Kobe and Dash to recap Play-Ins and look towards Groups. They argue over who was more impressive, what's ... source

This or That | I'm Putting You in the Dumpster

This or That Presented by Verizon is here and we can't believe there's only 3 days left of Worlds! Well…if you don't count the dead days that is. Dash and Kobe ... source

The Penta – Worlds | Final Showdown

Canyon calls in the assist from Baron Nashor, Damwon Gaming goes for the kill in a relentless pursuit, and Bin makes history with the first Worlds Pentakill. source

Worlds 2020: Moments and Memories

Relive the biggest moments of Worlds 2020! source

Worlds 2020: Quarterfinals Opening Tease

The 2020 World Championship Quarterfinals begin Thursday, October 15 at 3AM PT / 12PM CEST with a rematch of the LCK Summer Finals between Damwon ... source

Worlds 2020: Semifinals Opening Tease | G2 vs DWG | SN vs TES

On one side of the Worlds Semifinals, the LCK's Damwon Gaming is looking for revenge versus the LEC's G2 Esports as the last hopes of their respective ... source

Worlds 2020: Finals Tease | Suning vs DAMWON Gaming

It has been 6 years since the LPL and LCK last faced each other in the World Finals. Suning is on track to having the most impressive run in Worlds history, and ... source

Bad Jokes with Pros: TSM Doublelift vs TSM Biofrost

Lelesports presents Bad Jokes with Pros, where LCS pros challenge each other with the worst jokes we could find to see who cracks under pressure. source

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