BIG PS5 release date and price news is a great sign for PS4 gamers

PS4 gamers could buy millions of PS5 consoles during its first months on the market, although the pricing could still affect things in the meantime. Read moew

GTA 6 release date: New Grand Theft Auto update for PS4 and Xbox One...

THE GTA 6 release date might not be coming to PS4 and Xbox One in 2020, with Take-Two Interactive still fully committed to Grand Theft Auto V. Read moew

Microsoft treating Xbox fans to new hardware ahead of Xbox Series X and PS5...

MICROSOFT is preparing to launch two new Special Edition Xbox One controllers in March, long before the exciting release of the Xbox Series X and PS5. Read moew

PS Plus March 2020: Great PS4 news ahead of PlayStation Plus free games reveal

PLAYSTATION PLUS fans have been delivered great PS4 news ahead of the PS Plus March 2020 free games reveal. Read moew

PS4 exclusive heading to Xbox One soon, Nintendo Switch misses out

PS4 games list has taken a blow with an exclusive heading to the Xbox One soon, but the PlayStation hit won't be appearing on the Nintendo Switch. Read moew

GeForce Now just revealed worrying news for PS5 and Xbox Series X

THE Nvidia GeForce Now service has gotten off to a strong start and while it may lose some games along the way, it looks set to be a viable alternative to the PS5 and...

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 Release date: Bad news for Nintendo...

THE Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 release date could be officially confirmed by Nintendo later this year but there has been some bad news this week for Switch gamers. Read moew

GTA 6 release update: New Grand Theft Auto could be sooner than you think

PLAYSTATION and Xbox gamers watching the clock until the GTA 6 release date may have got a hint the new Grand Theft Auto is coming sooner than they think. Read moew

Apex Legends Kings Canyon start time: Season 4 update news for map return

APEX Legends Kings Canyon is making a return in EA and Respawn's hit Battle Royale game. Here's all you need to know about the map update start time. Read moew

Fortnite live event: Epic Games planning big chapter 2 season 2 surprise?

IF you're one of those left disappointed by the lack of a Fortnite live event ahead of the season 2 launch then these rumours will be music to your ears. Read moew

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