Call of Duty Warzone patch notes reveal Solo Mode in Modern Warfare update

CALL of Duty Warzone patch notes have been released and confirm that Solo Mode is going live today as part of the new Modern Warfare update. Read moew

PS4 games warning: FINAL weekend to play PlayStation exclusive on PSN

PS4 games fans have been put on alert that this is the final weekend to play a popular PlayStation exclusive on PSN. Read moew

Call of Duty DOWN: Server maintenance queue hits Modern Warfare and Warzone

CALL of Duty down reports are flooding in right now with reports of Warzone and Modern Warfare players getting server maintenance queue error messages. Read moew

Coronavirus: Gaming retailer tells staff 'to wrap hands in a plastic bag' at work

A MAJOR gaming retailer has given staff still working during the coronavirus pandemic some unusual advice to stay safe, according to reports. Read moew

FIFA 20 update 1.17 patch notes: New download out on PS4 and Xbox One

FIFA 20 update 1.17 has been released today on PS4 and Xbox One. Here are the patch notes for the new download from EA Sports. Read moew

Nintendo Indie World predictions: Hollow Knight Silksong, Ori, Shantae, Disco Elysium

NINTENDO Indie World broadcast is taking place today with Hollow Knight Silksong, Ori, Shantae and Disco Elysium among the predicted reveals. Read moew

Nintendo eShop DOWN: Nintendo Switch network not working, error hits online services

NINTENDO eShop down reports are on the rise, with reports the Nintendo Switch network is not working and users are being greeted with an online error message. Read moew

Fortnite servers are down: When will Fortnite be back up?

FORTNITE servers are down, meaning that matchmaking and signing into your account will be a problem. Read moew

PS Plus free game bonus: Download this HUGE multiplayer shooter for FREE

PLAYSTATION Plus subscribers can download one of last year's biggest games for free. Read moew

FIFA 20 DOWN: Servers status latest, unable to connect error hits again

FIFA 20 down reports are flooding in right now, with users being hit with an unable to connect error once again. Here is the server status latest. Read moew

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