FugLy leaves Envy

Jacob "FugLy" Medina's contract with Envy has been terminated, the player has announced on social media. Source link

Astralis beat Vitality to secure playoff spot; NiP send Cloud9 packing

The second batch of IEM Katowice day two matches saw Astralis ascend to Group A's upper bracket final and secure a playoff spot, while NiP extended their tournament life at the expense of Cloud9. Source...

ImAPet: "I think all the cards are in our favor this time, Liquid should...

Next up from IEM Katowice, Chet "ImAPet" Singh talked about Evil Geniuses' losses to OG at BLAST Premier and previewed his team's upcoming showdown against Liquid. Source link

huNter-: "I'm feeling really confident, especially because JaCkz is ready to do anything for...

After G2 opened their run at IEM Katowice with a blowout win against 100 Thieves, we spoke to Nemanja "huNter-" Kovač about the team's impressive form as of late. Source link

DreamHack Open Anaheim Fantasy recap

With DreamHack Open Anaheim done and dusted, we take a look at the best performing players and announce the cash prize winners of the 1xBet-sponsored league. Source link

Video: nexa vs. 100 Thieves

Video: nexa vs. 100 Thieves Source link

dupreeh: "If I had to pick a favorite it would probably be mousesports"

To open our live coverage of IEM Katowice, we had a word with Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen to reflect on Astralis' last-place exit at BLAST Premier after they started IEM Katowice on the right foot. Source...

Gen.G win DreamHack Open Anaheim without dropping a map; book ticket to DreamHack Masters...

Gen.G beat FURIA 2-0 in the DreamHack Open Anaheim final to bag the $50,000 grand prize and a spot at DreamHack Masters Jönköping. Source link

Gen.G remain undefeated in Anaheim; advance to grand final over North

Gen.G bested North in a nail-biting 2-0 series to secure grand finals participation at their debut LAN event. Source link

Fantasy Scout: IEM Katowice

With the first massive event of the year ahead of us, we prepared a special article to help you assemble your HLTV Fantasy teams for IEM Katowice. Source link

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