Looking back on the 2020 season we choose our Player of the Year.

The 2020 Call of Duty League 2020 season featured many exceptional players. Veterans like Ian "Crimsix" Porter and James "Clayster" Eubanks ruled the World Championships, while youths like "Mackenzie" Mack "Kelley and Joseph" Owakening "Conley completely reformed the teams and choosing the Player of the Year is always difficult because one good squad has so many different parts, but here at ESTNN we picked our POTY which we believe played at the highest level all season.

Tyler "aBeZy" Pharris – Atlanta FaZe

Atlanta FaZes aBeZy is our 2020 Call of Duty League Player of the Year. ABeZy has consistently been a top performer on a stacked Atlanta FaZe roster, single-handedly winning games for the roster.

Pharris plays one of the toughest roles in the game, As an entry sub, aBeZy is the first player on the hill and the first to get involved in SnD. In most cases, your entry player will be killed and the second player will get the Ha ndel. Not with aBeZy. At several events it rose consistently above 1.00 K / D and fell to 0.91 at only two events.

One of aBeZy's best weekends unexpectedly happened in New York. This was a shock as that weekend the 10mm rounds for the MP5 were GA capable. This led to many SMG players switching to the M4 this weekend. Pharris stayed with the MP5 and posted his best K / D, a 1.30, which was also the highest for any player that weekend. Achieving such a strong K / D on a weekend when the MP5 was the awkward weapon really shows the abilities and raw talent of aBeZy in the game.

Pharris is also the first player to delve into Search and Destroy – with a 40% share of Atlanta FaZe's first engagements in the Modern Warfare season. With 0.95 K / D in the first few bets, aBeZy is extremely competitive at the start of the SnD rounds. And sometimes those first kills can win the match.

Best Game

aBeZy has all game modes, but his best game from 2020 is Search and Destroy. In the Modern Warfare season, Atlanta FaZe was known for it was too late. This didn't get aBeZy in phase and he showed up when needed. Here he got four important kills against the Dallas Empire in a fifth game. He was playing around on the map and the Empire couldn't keep up with the pace of the tiny terror.

Pharris will stay with Simp and Cellium for the 2021 season. The trio is backed by Arcitys, making Atlanta FaZe look like one of the strongest teams in the league again.

Honorable Mentions

While aBeZy is our Player of the Year, there have been several other players who have excelled throughout the season.

Anthony "Shotzzy" Cuevas-Castro

<img class = "wp-image-397617 aligncenter" src = "https://estnn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/codshotzzy2.jpg" alt = "Anthony" Shotzzy "Cuevas-Castro watches his screen during a live CDL match awarded by his redemption story of 0.80K / D in the first event, which was a major factor in winning the Empire Championship One of the elements of Shotzzy's gameplay that set him apart was his movement. Shotzzy had some of the most fluid movements in the game, preventing opponents from noticing his position up close.

Sam "Octane" Larew

 One Close-up of Sam "Octane" Larew during a live CDL game

Octane's team, Seattle Surge, has had trouble all year but Octane hasn't, his 1.25 total K / D for the season was the highest in the league, and he kept the lane effortlessly, the excellence of Octane in one under Average roster led the community to respond and call Seattle for "Free Octane". Dubbed the "human tower," Octane was known for holding positions of power and defending the hill, along with his sniper skills in search and destruction. Seattle won only a few games throughout the season, but Octane's performances didn't decline and he continued to be the season's best AR.

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