By the end of June, the Call of Duty was actually already known to be dying. However, contrary to the last few years, Activision publishing house belongs tightly beforehand. We show you what is already known.

Previous leaks referred to the name "Black Ops: Cold War" . Dements. Is 1965. Offshoot of the Call of Duty series becomes a Black Ops part. Like Modern Warfare 2019, this game should also be a restart of the series with an alternative storyline. Due to many new leaks, by activating the rights, these rights, the rights of the title

An alphabuild of the game is evenly in between There the game belongs to the code name "Die rote Tür" . This version of the game is 71 gigabytes in size and was spotted on the PlayStation Package Database . There was the following artwork to be seen:

  The Red Door
Artwork of the alpha version of the information CoD publications: The Red Door
Information about game modes

Little is currently known about the game itself. According to a tweet by Jeff Grubb, which has been corrected in the past, the new Call of Duty should bring back the mode known from Black Ops 4 Blackout mode.

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Image source: Activision

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