Overwatch's hero pools were a feature that many questioned when they were first implemented. The carousel of accidentally forbidden heroes made Overwatch artificial variety. Blizard is now making changes to reset the split function.

The logic behind this system is to disrupt outdated metas and keep the game interesting for heroes with minimal work compensation. Hero Pools in the Overwatch League were not the same as the main competitor that split the community. Blizzard strives to consolidate the community and ensure that the game is consistent across all levels of Overwatch. "Starting April 13, we want to solve this problem by having a single, unified pool of heroes that enables both the Overwatch League and Competitive Play to mirror themselves as accurately as possible and achieve a more consistent viewing and gaming experience . "

Hero Pools are becoming consistent

The game rate of high-level competitive heroes will affect which heroes are on the chopping block. Sorry bronze and silver, it looks like your 50 hours on Torbjorn won't affect Hero pools of the Overwatch League. As usual, a tank, two damage and one support hero are randomly removed from the game, with their game rate determining the likelihood of a ban. The new ban then comes into force for the customer every Monday and only lasts one week.

“Since Hero Pools came to competitive play, we have received a lot of helpful feedback that the system has achieved our goal of shaking up the meta from week to week – but we also heard some aspects of The System Is confusing or unclear, including why certain heroes or roles are changed every week or why the exact number of heroes available is inconsistent from week to week. In addition, separate hero pools for the competitive game and Overwatch League in the same week resulted in a confusing or disjointed experience for players who follow the league. “

Finally, the Overwatch community will be consistent at all levels regardless of their skills. A major criticism of Overwatch's hero pools was that it further separated the fan base. Blizzard is now working to fill the gap in the community. The Overwatch League removes the card pool to increase the variety of live games. This offers more variety in the special game style on certain cards and in the game of the pros. Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony are both redesigned. So don't expect to see them soon.

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