These are the best agents new players should learn in order to learn Valorant.

Valorant is a relatively new game with many nuances and subtleties that new players will take a while to catch up with. Stack yourself on the fact that the game is patched regularly and you have a recipe for a title that would take hours to develop.

But similar to Riot Games' other title, League of Legends, there are ways to make the game easier to learn. One way is to master a single character or agent in Valorant and learn the game through that character's lens.

Here is a list of some agents best for beginners as beginners Understand Valorant as a whole and can take over a match once it's caught.


  The valorant agent Pheonix poses next to him with his name and ability descriptions. A faded city appears in the background.

The fiery English boy is one of the simpler Valorant Agents that can be picked up in just a few hours of play. His abilities consist of two lightning bolts, a Molly that hurts enemies and heals himself, and a firewall that blocks line of sight and can heal him as well. Phoenix's ultimate ability creates a marker on the map and allows it to attack enemies after a certain duration. If Phoenix is ​​killed, he will return to the marked location in full health.

Unlike some other Valorant agents who take hours in training or practice mode to perfect certain lineups or timings, Phoenix only requires an understanding of the flash timings and basic usage of the utility. He's also almost always the one attacking the enemy, which is what many new players want to do in their first few games.

Phoenix is ​​designed as an entry-level man in most scenarios. And it can be easily mastered with a few hours in the practice area and a few matches in the books. From there, new players can practice other skills that are important to the tactical shooter.


  The brave Agent Omen holds his combat knife with his name and his skill descriptions by his side. A faded city appears in the background.

The shadow of Valorant or Omen is an agent that every player should have in their repertoire. As part of the Controller class, Omen's main role is to keep his allies safe with his smokers while setting up kills with his Blitz. He also has two teleport skills, one that can travel a certain distance and his ultimate that can traverse the entire map.

Omen is a supportive agent that doesn't need the finesse or knowledge of other agents in its class like Astra or Viper to be played well. His smoking ability can be precisely placed on the map for a defensive hold. Or it can be thrown away on a whim during a site take.

Agent is a little awkward to use at first, its smoke takes a second to come down, and its lightning bolt has a large radius that can hit allies if used incorrectly. However, Omen is a trial-by-error agent that can be learned on the fly while grinding non-competitive modes. Its teleporting ability is also incredibly fun to play with, either reaching unexpected heights or teleporting behind an enemy to kill a knife.


  The brave agent Sova holds his sniper rifle with his name and his skill descriptions at his side. A faded city appears in the background.

The archer Sova, who lives in Valorant, is an agent with a high qualification limit. New players are likely to see the intricate arrow lineups on Reddit or Twitter and think that it will take the agent months to master them. But the real truth is that Sova is an easy agent to turn to. As such, it can be very intuitive for players familiar with other hero shooter games.

Sova is an agent used to obtain information about the enemy. It has a reconnaissance arrow and drone that can detect enemies and two shock arrows that damage enemies. Its ultimate ability is three huge arrows of energy that can be fired through walls, damaging enemies as they reveal every hit.

The Russian agent is classified as an initiator and can be played very aggressively instead of the passive, line-up-heavy style that contaminates the top Reddit posts. Picking up a reconnaissance arrow to erase a corner or location is as easy as picking up the ground on most maps. Also, shock arrows are a powerful tool for stopping enemy thrusts on the lower levels.

While Sova may take some practice understanding how his arrows can jump and what areas they reveal, it doesn't take long to understand the agent's basics all. After players have mastered the basics of Sova and some aspects of the game, learning arrow lineups and double sock darts combinations will add another level to their game and skills.


  The brave agent Reyna holds her submachine gun with her name and ability descriptions by her side. A faded city appears in the background.

The Vampire Queen is an agent that many gamers are drawn to because of her high skill levels and her abilities rewarding getting frags. Reyan is also an easy-to-use agent. The agent has lightning and her other two abilities allow her to go immaterial or heal after killing an enemy or receiving assistance. Your ultimate ability is also relatively simple. It gives her combat stimulus, a reload speed and an increase in the rate of fire, and it also improves her healing and immaterial abilities.

Reyna is an agent for players who have experience with tactical shooters or good targets, but are new to Valorant. The agent has little active use that can be used in combination with others. It also requires almost no practice in the training area. The only real part of Reyna's kit that requires some familiarity to be used effectively is her lightning bolt, which can be placed through walls and at different angles than other lightning bolts in the game.

The simplicity of the agent is similar to Phoenix and the mechanics that can be used to master one of them is applicable to the other. There is also a steep compromise with ease of use. Players who choose Reyna experience the classic feast or starvation scenario with the agent as they usually either carry their team or their lower part and provide little help to the team.

It is important to understand how to consistently be at the top of the scoreboard with Reyna. But once mastered is an easy way to understand the game as a whole.

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