In anticipation of the newly unveiled European headquarters of Team Liquid Esports Insider was invited to an exclusive tour of the Alienware Training Facility in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Team Liquid's European headquarters are located in a brand new mixed-use facility just a minute's walk from Utrecht Central Station, where businesses are grouped under several floors of apartments on the first and second floors.

The Alienware training system itself is a mixed-use development: hosting Team Liquid player training and accommodation, work areas for employees, dining and relaxation areas, and possible plans for a "fan zone".

  AlienWare Training Facility EU - Team Liquid Facility Exterior
Credit: Team Liquid

The Fellowship of the Org

Many features of the new facility were derived from their experience in designing the original Alienware training facility in Los Angeles, California, imported. For example hiring a full-time head chef who offers three meals a day for all Team Liquid players, coaches and staff.

  AlienWare training facility EU - Team Liquid Entrance Hall
Credit: Team Liquid

In-house culinary offerings, which are often referred to as advantages for technology companies, contribute to the holistic environment of the facility and support the approach of the organization, create a healthy work-life balance. The facility's priority is performance, but that focus is not just reserved for the players – it is spread across the organization so that the organization can operate at the highest level and harmoniously complement every aspect of the business.

The facility has a restaurant. In the hall and lounge, players, coaches and staff can eat and relax together if they so wish. The complex also offers many options for those who prefer privacy or solitude. Most rooms are soundproofed when the doors are closed and visiting players and coaches have access to an entire floor in a total of 13 private apartments above the facility.

The accommodation above the facility is reserved for boot camping teams of players and player coaches who may be there for months. Each single occupancy apartment has its own bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, Alienware gaming PC and sleeping areas. Furnished with modern necessities, the apartments are intentionally unbranded and allow players to visit their own private space outside the training facility in a foreign city.

  AlienWare Training Facility EU - Team Liquid Dining Hall
Credit: Team Liquid

As the teams of players, coaches and managers win trophies in the sport, they are supported and funded by the business aspects of the organization. The two decades worth of trophies on display at the entrance and in the dining room combine the achievements of Team Liquid in a visceral representation of how many trophies the organization with the highest total earnings in the history of sport has claimed.

Victor “Nazgul Goossens, Co-CEO of Team Liquid told Esports Insider that when the planned“ Fan Zone ”opens, visitors will be able to see this wall of success from shopping and of brand partnership at street level. Hosting fan-centric events and activations within the facility also remains an option once state social distancing guidelines permit.

The city of Utrecht has an impressive Internet connection in the general gigabit network this year due to its strategic location and the introduction of a. The Alienware Training Facility in Utrecht has a symmetrical 20 Gigabit connection made of 100% fiber. The organization worked with their ISP to create a custom connection directly to the data center with no adjacent redirects to achieve the lowest possible latency for players.

The server is fully physically redundant thanks to Dell's high-end server equipment helping to ensure that these speeds actually reach the players. Jason Lucas Luijckx Senior Partnerships Manager at Team Liquid stated, "We believe the connection will give our athletes an advantage from both a latency and a stability perspective." [19659019] AlienWare Training Facility EU – Team Liquid Liquidpedia Workspace ” width=”1800″ height=”1200″ />

Photo Credit: Team Liquid

The multi-purpose aspect of the Alienware training facility not only allows for different uses of the space due to the architectural design, expansive space and blistering connection speeds and cutting edge technology used by partners in the Facility can be provided, but also for every aspect of the business, to integrate and use the space and equipment to meet their needs and demands of their work.

The business side of the facility features an enclosed conference room for physical meetings and Marvel-branded pods for calls and digital meetings, and the Open Office for collaborative and collaborative work. The Liquipedia development team asked for the option to open and close from the other teams. Therefore, the area was separated by glass gateways. Goossens also has a closed office made of frosted glass in the middle of the open office, in which he can decide whether he wants to be in a team or in solitude.

Every workstation in the open office is adorned with Alienware PC towers with dual screens. Displays, HyperX headphones, and bespoke Secretlabs gaming chairs from Team Liquid ensure that every employee is equipped as is the facility.

  AlienWare training facility EU - Team Liquid Open Office
Photo credits: Team Liquid

The two special scrim rooms are located on the esport side of the facility. Alienware hardware, illuminated by LED lighting, is housed in a glass case above each play area and is also equipped with two monitors, HyperX headsets and Secretlabs gaming chairs.

Both rooms are soundproofed and have individual climate controls with specially toned ventilation panels that distribute the air evenly over the entire room – a lesson from the LA facility, in which the position of the ventilation slots presented challenges due to the preferences of the players.

Both scrimming areas have their own replay viewing rooms, equipped with Dell Advanced 4K laser projector displays and comfortable seating for teams to review and discuss in a separate environment.

  AlienWare Training Facility EU - Team Liquid Scrim Rooms
Credit: Team Liquid

While the various aspects of organization and related business activities have different responsibilities for the company, the Alienware Training Center in Utrecht makes it clear that Team Liquid is a cohesive organization. By turning away from the separate gaming house and office room models and carefully combining them under one roof, this decision sets the tone for the professionalism of the esports titan.

The Balance of the Org

In the midst of the futuristic design elements of In der Anlage there are subtle contrasts of nature in the room. Natural tones amidst strong white and black tones and various contrasts in intermittent brand colors – there is a calming feeling of harmony in the room. This unique dichotomy flows through the décor of high-tech LED lighting fixtures, natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows, wood-grain concrete, and a whole wall of lush flora across from the Monster Energy refrigerator.

  Alienware Training Facility EU - Scrim Rooms
Photo credit: Team Liquid

Elements of the brand, logo, team colors and partnerships blend seamlessly with the facility's architecture. The conference room table resembles a section of horse's mane depicted in the Team Liquid logo. The scrim rooms are referred to as "moonlight" and "dark side of the moon" in contrasting color schemes associated with the lunar theme.

The Alienware aesthetic is merged with that of Team Liquid to visually explain the facility's hybridity. Light and darkness with seductively tinted light between nature and art illustrate an esport performance facility with mixed media.

Between the conference room, the scrim rooms and the open office are the Marvel pods, dedicated soundproofed rooms for making calls or having a moment of silence. Each of the three pods features artwork and is inspired by unique aspects of working with Marvel x Team Liquid jerseys: Brooklyn, Sanctum and The Cage.

  AlienWare Training Facility EU - Team Liquid Marvel Pods
Photo credit: Team Liquid

The walls in the Liquipedia development team are decorated with the Liquipedia puzzle piece motif, and each contrasting piece contains lines of important code that make up the esports database exists special – selected by the developers themselves.

Behind Goossen's desk is an artistic mural of his last 20 years of Team Liquid history with images of the brand, his athletic beginnings with StarCraft: Broodwar, depictions of the Nazgul from Lord of the Rings film franchise Goossens is for was inspired by his gaming handle, and the scene "Flight to the Ford" which was the inspiration for the Team Liquid logo.

  Alienware Training Facility EU - Team Liquid Victors Office Mural
Photo credit: Team Liquid

There are also various tributes to the facility's geolocation and Team Liquid's origins, such as the Dutch spelling of & # 39; Utrecht, Nederland & # 39; highlighted on a Team Liquid wall display – serves as the background for the Streaming Pods and the Dutch flags at the entrance of the Marvel Pods.

Many employees talk to each other and do business in their native Dutch language, while Team Liquid is world-famous. As an international esports organization, it is clear that the European headquarters are proud to be in the Netherlands.

The Alienware Training Facility EU involves thoughtful design and consideration of options. There always seems to be an option for the door to be open or closed, together or separate, dark or light. Nothing feels out of place. Nothing feels too free. It feels balanced. Team Liquid's headquarters in Utrecht might recognize that sport can feel like this: harmonious.

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